Kayak, canoe and whitewater rafting insurance

Snowcard insurance is not just for mountain sports – we also specialise in water sports and offer options to cover all styles of canoeing and kayaking. Specialist activity cover is essential for any white water activity. A Snowcard policy can be tailored to include your equipment as well. A facility not usually available with general travel insurers. If you take part in multiple activities mixing your kayaking with mountain biking or climbing, use our special Multi-Sport option.


  • Flat water: on lakes or ungraded rivers
  • Canadian canoe
  • White water rafting
  • Sea kayaker
  • River wilderness expeditions
  • White water kayaking
  • Multi sport kayaking and climbing: if you are kayaking and sport climbing, use this option. For other multi sport options, contact
  • Multi sport kayaking and biking: if you are kayaking and mountain biking use this option. For other multi sport options, contact
  • Watersports guiding and instructing: working as a guide or instructor. Note cover does not include professional liability for the advice you give, only your own personal emergency expenses.

Regardless of the activity you select all policies cover the following:

  • £10 million: Emergency medical and other expenses cover
  • Including repatriation to the United Kingdom
  • Up to £500: Physiotherapy and dental treatment cover
  • Up to £250: Early return home benefit
  • Up to £250: Car hire return benefit
  • Up to £100,000: Search & Rescue expenses
  • Up to £300: Ski/Dive/Golf/ activity Pack
  • Up to £1000: Hospital benefit
  • Up to £25,000: Personal Accident cover
  • Up to £2 million: Personal Liability cover

Policy wording

For policies issued after 22nd December 2014 please refer to the latest version of the Snowcard Travel Insurance Guide and Policy Wording

Travel insurance guide and policy wording

policy-wording.pdf [6.4Mb]

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