Ash cloud statement

The guidelines below clarify the relevant cover available under the Snowcard Travel Insurance policy. However they should not be read in isolation and any claim should be considered in accordance with the full terms and conditions of the policy as stated in the specific policy wording.

There is no cover under any section of this policy in respect of this incident for policies purchased on or after 23/05/2011 or for trips booked on or after 23/05/2011.

Cancellation: There is no cover under cancellation for this incident.

Delay: This section provides cover in two parts:

  • Firstly there is a benefit payable if the insured’s booked scheduled transport is delayed for the minimum period specified in the policy. Cover only applies if the policyholder has checked in, in accordance with the airlines instructions.
  • Secondly there is cover for cancelling the holiday before leaving the UK, if the outward journey from the UK is delayed by more than twelve hours and the insured policyholder decides to abandon their trip.

Please note: The above sections (other than the Delay benefit) are for irrecoverable amounts only – if costs are recoverable from the airline or a tour operator then cover under the travel insurance policy does not apply.

Missed Departure:This section provides cover for reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses if the insured person's transport is interrupted by specified causes preventing them from arriving at the airport on time and missing their flight. This cover may apply if a connecting flight is missed.

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