24-hour worldwide emergency service

0044 2380 177 474

We may record or monitor calls for training purposes 
or to improve the quality of our service.

always quote:

  • Policy number as shown on the Insurance Schedule.
  • That you are a Snowcard Insurance Client.
  • The telephone number at which you may be contacted.

In the event of illness/accident the following information will be required:

  • Full name and age of patient.
  • Nature of Illness/Accident.
  • Name and Telephone Number of Hospital and/or attending Doctor.

On admission of an insured person to Hospital abroad, International Medical Rescue must be contacted as soon as possible if hospitalisation is likely to last for a period of more than 48 hours.

We may be required to contact your GP in the United Kingdom to check your medical records.

Do not use the emergency number for casual enquiries or insurance(s) for which no premium has been paid. Confirming payment of medical fees: If possible, you should pay for your medical treatment and then claim these costs when you return to the British Isles.

If you cannot pay the medical costs out of your own funds, contact International Medical Rescue. Getting you home: If you are too ill to return to the British Isles using your return travel tickets, International Medical Rescue can arrange other travel for you.

In special circumstances, they will arrange a road or air ambulance. Before you travel, the doctors looking after you must provide a certificate confirming that it is medically necessary for you to return home and that you are fit to travel. The conditions of the Medical and other expenses and condition 05 of the General conditions also apply to the service provided by International Medical Rescue.

To obtain a claims form on your return to the UK, call 02380 177 283 (9am to 5pm) or email claims@im-rescue.com