The UK formaly left the EU in January 2020 and whilst the coronavirus pandemic has been a distraction from the implications of the transition period, the process will complete in December 2020 which will impact on travel within Europe.

There are still many questions that will need answering but we hope to update this page in the Autumn as the situation becomes clearer.

As travel restrictions are gradulayy lifted and we move towards the European ski season, we need to think ahead about how Brexit will affect our travel planning.

Visiting Europe after 1 January 2021 - Government advice

ETIAS scheme - The European Travel Information and Authorisation System

UK Government advice on passenger information from 1 January 2021 - click here

Government advice on driving abroad

Driving abroad post Brexit - International Driving Permit

European Healthcare Advisory - EHIC cards

UK Government advice on passports from 1 January 2021 - click here 

ABTA - Brexit advice

UK Government advice - the transition period



What additional paperwork will I need after Brexit to travel in Europe

You will need to visit the European Travel Information and Authorisation System to pay for a visa