It is really hard to compare policies these days, there are so many companies offering winter sports or activity add on's it is understandable that our clients get confused about how to select a policy.

For many, price is the obvious selection criteria but price alone is not an indicator that a policy is right for you or indeed adequate for your needs.

So what is it about a specialist policy like Snowcard that makes it a better option? If you are wondering why some of our policies cost more than other quotes you will find in your search results this is why:

Many large general insurers have big online marketing budgets and do very well in the search rankings, they will register all sorts of search terms even if their policies are not necessarily or specifically for winter sports or adventure travel. They will have general policies aimed at low cost comparision web sites where being the cheapest is the only criteria, however, for most of them it is not clear what high risk activities are covered if at all and once lured into getting a quote, it is all too often impossible to find out what activities the quote includes. Whilst policy limits all look the same, these are not what makes the policy 'tick' and it is the underwriters attitude and policy terms that will determine how well the policy will respond. 

Snowcard policies are serviced by International Medical Rescue - IMR has one of the most advanced and specialist claims and assistance services in the UK travel market. Their award winning service is not based on how cheap their policies are or by avoiding paying claims to save money and keeping premiums low, as many insurers do, but rather looking at how clients can be helped, how their claims can be settled quickly and fairly with the minimum of fuss and delay. It is a pro-active attitude and a desire to understand and service the specialist needs of Snowcard clients. 

In addition, Snowcard have a long standing and unique relationship with their underwriters which means that Snowcard clients get the very best service. Our underwriters understand that Snowcard clients are adventure travellers and that they often have difficult and challenging needs when they get into trouble abroad. IMR has more experience than most general insurers in dealing with clients like Snowcard's and this is what makes our service unique and specialist. It is why it often costs more and as is so often the case in life, you get what you pay for.