24 hour emergency medical assistance

The emergency assistance number to call will depend on when you purchased your policy.


For policies purchased from 3 October 2022 with a six digit reference starting with '8' call:

Allianz Assistance +44 (0) 208 603 9693 email [email protected]


For policies purchased before 3 October 2022 with a six digit reference starting with '7' call:

Mayday Assistance +44 (0)1273 071784 email [email protected]


If you have a non-urgent enquiry regarding a problem on holiday, email [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible and provide you with guidance.


In a medical emergency

Please tell us immediately about any serious illness or accident abroad where you have to go into hospital or you may have to return home early or extend your stay because of any illness or injury. 

If you are unable to do this because the condition is life, limb, sight or organ threatening, you should contact us as soon as you can. 

You must also tell us if your medical expenses are over £500. If you are claiming for a minor illness or accident you should, where possible, pay the costs and reclaim the money from us when you return. You can call 24 hours a day 365 days a year or email. 

Please give us your age and your insurance booking or validation certificate number. Say that you are insured with Snowcard. Below are some of the ways the 24-hour medical emergency assistance service can help. 

Confirmation of payment 

We will contact hospitals or doctors abroad and guarantee to pay their fees, providing you have
a valid claim. We may require written consent to contact your doctor to obtain details of any past medical history specifically relating to your claim. 


If our medical advisers think it would be in your medical interests to bring you back to your home or to a hospital or nursing home in your home country, you will normally be transferred by regular airline or road ambulance. Where medically necessary in very serious or urgent cases, we will use an air ambulance. 

We will consult the treating doctor and our medical advisers first. If you need to go home early, the treating doctor must provide a certificate confirming that you are fit to travel. Without this the airline can refuse to carry any sick or injured person. 

You can contact us at any time, day or night.
You will be answered by one of our experienced assistance co-ordinators who you should give all relevant information to. Please make sure you have details of your policy before you phone. 

NOTE: Failure to contact the medical emergency assistance service to obtain our authorisation may result in your claim being reduced or declined. If you are travelling in a remote location and it is not possible to call our emergency assistance service, your guide or instructor can call emergency services on your behalf but you must contact us as soon as you can. Any claim agreement is strictly subject to the policy terms and conditions.