Definition - specialist expedition - any trip undertaken for exploratory, professional or commercial puropses and/or journey's undertaken which would not be regarded as a recreational holiday for leisure purposes.

If in doubt about whether your trip would be regarded as a specialist expedition, you should consult Snowcard before proceeding with a quote.

For specialist expeditions to remote areas in the major mountain ranges in Asia, South America or Alaska, before offering cover we require written details of the trip including the expedition objectives, the ages and experience of the team members, details of any guides and emergency backup arrangements. 

Please note we do not normally provide expedition cover for new attempts on virgin peaks, record breaking attempts or peaks over 7000 metres.

We do not cover polar expeditions or solo or two man unguided expeditions. The expeditions we quote for are normally professionally guided with teams who are experienced and prepared for the hazards involved.

Please email details of your planned expedition to [email protected]