Snowcard claims are processed by The Mayday Group on behalf of your insurers. 

To register a new claim please use the Mayday Claims online service to download your claim form with instructions on how to submit your documents.

For assistance with a claim submitted to Mayday, the contact number is 01273 442496

note: claims are handled directly by the Mayday team and Snowcard do not hold details of individual claims - claims turn around times are currently between 5 and 10 working days if all necessary documents have been submitted. If you experience a delay or you are having a problem with a claim, you can contact for help as we can usually help move things along and we will do what we can to assist. Snowcard can provide support with claims or guidance where you are unsure how to proceed.

If you submitted a claim (before 18 May 2022) using the Reactive Claims service, the number to call is Reactive Claims 01420 259062 (please note this number should only be called for claims already submitted during winter 2022 and not for new claims submitted after 18 May 2022)


If you need guidance before making a claim, email 


Additional Information on Covid19 Claims

Documents Required:

medical and other expenses

Please send details of the illness or injury and original receipts and bills for any expenses you have paid.

Ski pack (lessons, hire, lift pass)/golf pack (lessons, green fees)

Give reason for cutting short the use of your ski/golf pack and a medical certificate confirming that this was necessary.

personal accident

Please send full details of the accident and injury. If you make a claim, you must allow our medical advisers to examine you as often as they need. (We will pay any costs and your expenses for these examinations if we accept your claim.)

personal liability

You must send us any writ, summons or other legal documents as soon as you receive them. You must also give us any information and help we need to deal with the case and your claim. You must not negotiate, pay, settle, admit or deny any claim without our written agreement.

personal belongings, snow sport and activity equipment and temporary loss

Please send full details of the belongings which have been lost, stolen or damaged. You should also send receipts to prove their value or bills for the cost of repair. For loss or theft claims, you must also send a police report. If your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged in the care of an airline, you must send a ‘property irregularity report’ as well as the flight tickets and luggage receipts the airline gave you when you checked in. For temporary loss claims, please send receipts for replacement items you have bought and a ‘property irregularity report’.

equipment hire

Please send receipts for the cost of the equipment hire and full details of what was lost, damaged or stolen.

money and documents

Please send full details together with a police report and cash withdrawal slips or similar proof of the money you withdrew.

if you lose your passport

Please send a police report, bills and receipts for travel and accommodation expenses.

if you cancel the trip

Please give the reason for cancelling the trip and send us your booking invoice or receipt and your cancellation invoice. We will need written proof of the reason for cancellation. If cancellation is due to illness or injury, the medical certificate on the cancellation claim form will need to be filled in by the doctor of the person who was ill or injured.

cutting the trip short

Please give the reason you cut short your trip, confirming that you had to come home early. Before you return home early for medical reasons, you must get a doctor’s certificate to confirm that this is necessary and that you are fit to travel. You must then send this with your claim form.


When you claim you must ask the airline or transport company to confirm in writing:

  • the cause of the delay or cancellation;
  • the period of the delay;
  • the scheduled time of departure and arrival; and
  • the actual time of departure and arrival.

missed departure – extra travel and accommodation expenses

Please send confirmation of the delay from the carrier or tour operator. You must also send receipts or bills for your expenses. For car breakdown or accident claims, send the repairer’s report or police accident report and details of how you got to the port or airport.

piste closure

Please ask the relevant authority to confirm in writing that the piste was closed. You must also send your receipts for transport to the other resort and the cost of the lift pass.

legal expenses

Please send full details of the accident and your injury.


If we agree to a claim for medical expenses which has been reduced by your using a reciprocal heath agreement or private health insurance, you will not have to pay the excess.



Please note that all limits are per person insured under the policy (unless age restrictions apply). The policy excess is applied per person for each claim being made under each section of the policy.