Additional guidance on pre-existing medical conditions:

From the 1st of September 2019 we have changed the cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

For most clients with minor health conditions that are under control and are managed with minimal or routine medical intervention, there is no requirement to complete a health declaration or go through a health screening process.

Health conditions that are not excluded by the health statement will be covered by all Snowcard policies.

If a client can agree with the health statement (health-statement), there is no need to tell Snowcard about pre-existing medical conditions.

For clients with more serious pre existing medical conditions that fall within the health statement limitations (health-statement), Snowcard cannot provide cover for those conditions but CAN issue cover for NEW injuries or illnesses that occur on holiday.

If a medical condition is such that a client requires cover for it whilst away on holiday, they must seek an alternative specialist policy for their pre-existing conditions *. This does not mean the client cannot purchase Snowcard insurance as well, it just needs to be clear that Snowcard covers NEW injuries and illnesses resulting from the holiday activity and NOT serious conditions that fall within the policy health statement limitations.

There are a number of specialist insurance brokers who operate schemes for pre-existing medical conditions insurance – help in finding a broker can be obtained via the British Insurance Brokers Association web site