Guide to obtaining quotes

Snowcard Insurance guide to obtaining a quote:


Snowcard policies are intended for persons travelling on recreational adventure or activity holidays requiring emergency medical, rescue and repatriation cover. Snowcard policies can also insure your personal belongings, equipment and/or certain travel contingencies such as cancellation, delay or missed departure. Snowcard policies cover many eventualities but not necessarily all risks you may encounter. Please therefore read the policy carefully to ensure you understand the insurance cover provided. 


Who is responsible for assessing and settling claims – 

  • The contract of insurance is with the insurance company Allianz Assistance who are responsible for fulfilling the payment of claims.
  • Snowcard are the agent of the insurer and are responsible for the sale and administration of the policy.

How does insurance work - 

  • Travel insurance is usually supplied by insurance intermediaries like Snowcard, clubs like the BMC or Ski Club of Great Britain, your bank or building society and sometimes directly by the insurance company via their web site.
  • The insurance intermediary is responsible for selling you the policy and providing policy information.
  • The insurance company is responsible for assessing and paying claims.

Click here for a full list of the activities we cover.

Click here for a list of activities we do not currently cover.

Click here for a policy summary

Click here for the full policy wording

Click here for the IPID - Insurance Product Information Document

Click here for details of Covid cover


  • For specialist expeditions or professional travel please refer full details of your trip to Snowcard before purchasing a policy.
  • Snowcard policies are only available to UK residents (including residents of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man) whose journey starts from and returns to the UK at the end of the trip. 
  • You must insure the full duration of your trip and not just the days you are taking part in an activity.
  • The maximum age we can cover is 75 at the policy start date.


Health conditions

  • Snowcard do not screen health conditions but operate a self managing health statement
  • If a pre existing condition is excluded by one of the health statements, there is no cover for that condition but new injuries or illness on holiday are still covered. 
  • You do not need to formally declare pre existing conditions but if you have any queries let us know.
  • If you require cover for a pre existing condition excluded by the policy health statement, this link might help.


Important information:

  • All policies include £10m emergency medical and repatriation cover and include search and rescue
  • All policies include personal liability up to £2m
  • All policy limits are per person named on the policy including excesses.
  • The policy excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim) is determined by you – select between £0 and £250 during Step 4.

During Step 4. you will be asked to tailor your policy to include baggage, equipment, electronics and cancellation cover. You can opt to take any of these sections of cover or not as required.

To start a new quote, visit the home page at and click on ‘START A QUOTE

Step 1:

Area – select the areas you are travelling to – Geographical limits

Activity – refer to the full activities list before selecting your cover level

(note: ‘cover levels’ refer to the activities included and not the sums insured or policy limits)

Additional information activities:

Mountain biking levels

Winter sports levels

Mountaineering levels

Step 2:

Single trip – you must insure the full duration of your trip including the UK departure date and the date of return to the UK. We do not insure part trips.

Annual multi trip – annual policies cover multiple holidays, the standard single trip limit is 31 days, this can be extended in Step 4. to 45, 60 or 90 days. 

(note: on couple or family policies, insured members can travel independently of each other)

Additional information for annual multi trip policies:

Winter sports cover

Single trip limits

Step 3:

Age band – enter the age band for the eldest party member, if any party members are aged 56 or above, it is usually cheaper to insure them separately to party members aged under 56. If you are booking for a child, you must register your name and age as the policy administrator but select the age band <18 for the insured party.

For annual multi trip policies, use the age band applicable on the policy start date. For single trip policies, use the age band applicable on the date of departure.

Party size – family policies can include up to 4 children aged 18 or under. For single trip policies, if family members are all over 18, select the group option. For annual multi trip policies, children over 18 must insure as single adults.

Step 4:

Tailor your quote – at this stage you can amend the single trip limit for annual multi trip policies and include baggage, equipment, electronics (techno pack), cancellation (which includes travel delay, missed departure and travel disruption) as well as selecting your policy excess.


At each stage of the quote process, there is a pop up box with additional information. If you can not find answers to your questions, please refer to the web site FAQS as well as the menu item (page top right);

About Our Policies.


We only accept payment online, policies are issued electronically on clearance of payment.

Customer service requests should be directed via email to [email protected]

We aim to answer all queries as quickly as possible on the day they are sent between 8am and 6pm.