About Snowcard

Snowcard is an online eBusiness and all policies are sold via this web site. 


If you have any questions or need guidance with a policy selection, please email [email protected] 

Our web site has answers to many of the most frequently asked pre sales questions but if you can't find the answer you are looking for, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS 

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Email support is provided Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.


Our service

Whatever your activity or even if you are just on holiday to relax, you need immediate access to emergency assistance when away from home. Our unique ‘eSnowcard’ gives you 24 hour access to specialist claims handlers, who are on hand all day every day to help and assist in the event of a medical problem or emergency. Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to a team of experts to help with your emergency medical, rescue and repatriation expenses.

Snowcard and the pandemic

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. Whether through the loss of a loved one, the loss of a business or career, your physical or mental health or even how you feel about the future. We have all been impacted and our lives are having to adapt to what is being called ‘the new norm’.

So what is this ‘new norm’? For Snowcard, the biggest impact has been how the pandemic has changed the travel insurance market and many of our long standing relationships with our service partners which in some cases go back many many years. 

During 2020 some 50% of travel insurers stopped selling new policies. This affected many of the travel services providers and travel insurance brands who rely on insurers for the products and services they sell. The pandemic has forced many changes on Snowcard which we have had to adapt to in a very short period of time. However, we are confident that the new partnerships we have established will help Snowcard to continue leading the market in the provision of adventure travel insurance.

Customer services post pandemic

Before the pandemic, we had already reached a point where over 95% of policy sales were being made online. Our web site deals with most of the questions raised by our clients and provides an effective and efficient way of purchasing and managing policies. 

However, when the call centre that serviced our customer enquiries closed in March 2020, we were forced to consider how best we can continue to provide the level of personal service our clients have come to expect with the realities of operating in a fast moving digital market, that has become increasingly reliant on web driven services and customer demands for a fast, efficient 24/7 service. 

Snowcard now only provides policies electronically via this web site but we are committed to maintaining close contact with our clients and whilst wennow only answer queries via email, we aim to provide fast turn arounds of your questions, efficient support and backup when things go wrong.


Snowcard Insurance Services was established in 1990 and evolved from the need for skiers to carry proof of medical and rescue insurance in the Alps. This concept has expanded and been developed into an all round activity insurance covering not only winter sports, but also general mountain and water sports as well as the usual standard travel risks. 

Since 1990 things have moved on and the use of plastic cards as proof of ID is no longer necessary as the world has become more reliant on electronic documents. Our new ‘eSnowcard’ allows for eco-friendly paperless technology to provide the same high levels of convenience and security, wherever you travel.

Why use snowcard?

We supply what we believe is a policy of the highest quality and we work with insurers whom we know understand the needs of independent travellers engaging with activity and adventure travel.

Our premiums are competitive but if you have found a significantly lower quote you must ask some searching questions. You only ever get what you pay for and low premiums can mean higher policy excess’s and lower limits of cover. 

A fair deal

Our policy is the most flexible policy available in the UK allowing you complete freedom to select your own policy limits – it is often difficult to see how one policy differs from another but our clients regularly tell us that even when they find cheaper quotes, the cover is never as good as ours.

A personal touch

Founder and managing director, Russell Dadson, has worked in the insurance industry since 1983 and founded Snowcard in 1990 because of his love of winter sports and the Alps. This combination of professional and personal experience makes this a unique service, with a depth of understanding of your travel needs not often matched by our competitors. Russell still actively works in the business directly answering and dealing with customer enquiries every day (well almost!)