Snowcard now only provide policies electronically directly via this web site. If you have any questions or need guidance with a policy selection, please email and you will receive a response usually within a very short time. We no longer operate a traditional call centre and all customer service enquiries are dealt with via email.

our service

Whatever your activity or even if you are just on holiday to relax, you need immediate access to emergency assistance when away from home. Our unique ‘eSnowcard’ gives you 24 hour access to International Medical Rescue, who are on hand all day every day to help and assist in the event of a medical problem or emergency. Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to one of the best emergency assistance services available in the UK.

Snowcard Insurance Services was established in 1990 and evolved from the need for skiers to carry proof of medical and rescue insurance in the Alps. This concept has expanded and been developed into an all round activity insurance covering not only winter sports, but also general mountain sports and water sports as well as the usual standard travel risks. Since 1990 things have moved on a long way and the use of plastic cards as proof of ID is no longer necessary as the world has become more reliant on electronic documents. Our new ‘eSnowcard’ allows for eco-friendly paperless technology to provide the same high levels of convenience and security, wherever you travel.

our insurers

Snowcard Insurance Services place their scheme through Newpoint Insurance Brokers Limited who are a Lloyds broker based in London, with access to both Lloyds and company markets. Newpoint has recently acquired the interests of Linkham Services Limited. Snowcard is not financially tied or linked with Newpoint or Linkham and is financially independent of its insurers.

why use snowcard?

We supply what we believe is a policy of the highest quality and we work with insurers whom we know understand the needs of independent travellers engaging with activity and adventure travel.

Our premiums are competitive but if you have found a significantly lower quote you must ask some searching questions. You only ever get what you pay for and low premiums can mean higher policy excess’s and lower limits of cover. In addition, our policy has some useful extra cover for the active traveller not found in ordinary policies.

claims expertise

International Medical Rescue have been looking after Snowcard clients for 30 years – Service levels are reviewed regularly with Snowcard to ensure your needs are being met.

a fair deal

Our policy is the most flexible policy available allowing you complete freedom to select your own policy limits – it is often difficult to see how one policy differs from another but our clients regularly tell us that even when they find cheaper quotes, the cover is never as good as ours.

a personal touch

Founder and managing director, Russell Dadson, has worked in the insurance industry since 1983 and started the business because of his love of winter sports and the Alps. This combination of professional and personal experience makes this a unique service, with a depth of understanding of your travel needs not often matched by our competitors.

about IMR - International Medical Rescue

International Medical Rescue (previously called Assistance International) provides a 24 hour global emergency medical service. IMR's focus is the delivery of a fast, professional and caring service. Having established relationships with a variety of service providers around the world, IMR ensure that they can deliver the most appropriate medical emergency service required anywhere in the world, at any time.

IMR operates a 24-hour helpline for policyholders to call in a medical emergency. One central, multi-lingual team co-ordinates the services of IMR, and individual cases can be closely monitored to ensure that the patients needs are taken care of. This includes the guarantee and payment of medical fees, liaison with overseas medical staff, and arrangements for accommodation and travel.

IMR regularly review medical facilities around the world, working closely with a network of local agents to ensure that communications are maintained and understood. In addition, teams of medical staff are on constant call, ready to go anywhere in the world to evaluate, diagnose or agree treatment or repatriation.

IMR also maintains close relationships with a number of charter and schedule airlines and a provider of air ambulances. This enables them to access seating capacity from destinations around the world at short notice, thus ensuring minimum distress and disruption for travellers who need to be repatriated to the UK, whether due to medical or some other insured emergency.

IMR delivers a high speed response that can put your mind at ease from the very first phone call.