How claims are assessed

How are claims processed and assessed

Between 5% and 10% of policy holders will make a claim and the time taken to settle claims is heavily dependent on the season and how busy the claims department is at any given time. Whilst Allianz have an extremely efficient operation for triaging claims, sometimes things don’t go well or are delayed. We have tried to highlight below some of these issues to help you prepare to make a claim and to have it settled faster.

The key thing to highlight is that you should not take anything for granted, provide full and complete information and don’t expect the claims team to second guess what is going on. If one piece of information is missing, your claim will be delayed whilst you are asked to provide any requested evidence.


Common problems

  • Documentation – the most common piece of missing information is your policy certificate – Allianz need this to check your cover levels and policy excess. Please refer to our ‘guide to making a claim’ for further information on what to include for claims under each section of cover.
  • Claiming for things not covered – ensure you understand what you can and cannot claim for. Do not make assumptions, claims assessments are based on the policy wording not what you might assume is covered.
  • Fraud – up to 1 in 5 claims include an element of either conscious or unintentional fraud – the FCA expect insurers to have procedures in place to deal with fraud and money laundering so make sure documents are accurate, truthful and fairly reflect what you are claiming for. Anything that is not receipted with your name on it will attract more scrutiny. 


The claims conveyor belt:

  1. Claims received, checked and allocated to a handler
  2. Handler assesses claim in relation to policy cover and requests additional documents if needed
  3. Checks need to be made and the claim is assessed as valid
  4. Once agreed, payment is requested and must be cleared for settlement by a senior team member, claims handlers are not allowed to authorise their own payments
  5. If the claim cannot be assessed or agreed by the claim handler, it is referred to management for scrutiny
  6. Fully documented claims are normally settled on the same day they are received by the claim handler (subject to daily volumes) – delays occur when documents are missing and a claim is held in suspension until the documents are received – you will not be chased so ensure you respond quickly to requests for further information to ensure your claim re-joins the queue asap


Being pro active about getting claims settled quickly: 

Call the claims number as first point of contact to Allianz so that they can open a case file, if you cannot call, use the online portal but it is slower – have your policy certificate to hand

Main reasons for slow claim turn around:

  • Not providing policy certificate
  • Not providing all required documents
  • Make sure that photos and screen shots are clear and readable 
  • Make sure the invoice shows the break down between group members
  • Make sure your name is on medical evidence or other documents provided
  • Don’t use editable documents like Word as these will be rejected


Any medical emergency 

Call the emergency number as soon as possible, the sooner the better 

  • Wait times depend on how busy the call centre is so be prepared to be patient, your call is answered as quickly as possible
  • The emergency number is a 24 hour service but note bank holiday and overnight staff levels are lower
  • Calls come into the UK Croydon Allianz call centre, then depending on severity are triaged out to Belgium or Canada depending on the geographical location of the client
  • Complex cases require more checks and back up work like requesting your medical information
  • Clients should speak to Allianz before agreeing to an operation, do not sign anything or agree to treatment without authorisation from Allianz
  • Small claims under £500 pay yourself including piste rescue 


If you have problems getting through on the claims or emergency line, please be patient as some times are a lot busier than others, Snowcard have met the claims and assistance teams at Allianz, they are great people committed to helping you and will do what they can to ensure you receive the best service possible. Please be courteous and respectful when speaking with members of the claims and assistance teams.

If you require guidance or help with a claim, Snowcard are always happy to assist and liaise with the claims department on your behalf if you have difficulties.