important information


You must meet the conditions or your claim will not be accepted. This policy will not cover you for all eventualities. 


Each section of the personal insurance cover shows the most you can claim, but other limits may apply. For example, under the Personal Belongings section, the overall limit is stated on the insurance schedule but there is a limit of £350 for any single item and a total limit of £350 for all valuables. The limits of cover apply to each individual person and each insured trip separately. We will work out how much we will pay you for baggage claims based on the value of the items at the time of the loss, not the cost of replacing them. The limits of cover apply to each trip separately. 


If you are going to take part in any sporting or adventure activity, please read the activities list (see to make sure your activity can be covered. If your activity is not mentioned please contact Snowcard Insurance Services Ltd to confirm whether or not you can be covered. 


Annual multi-trip policies cover any number of holidays in the 12 month policy period subject to a 31 day single trip limit and no more than 180 days away from the UK in any 12 month period. The single trip limit limit can be extended to 45, 60 or 90 days subject to the payment of an additional premium. Depending on the cover level selected, the number of days covered for winter sports is 4 weeks upto a maximum number of 90 days. Refer to www. trip-policies for further information.


We do not offer expedition cover to either the North or South Poles. All other expeditions to remote regions are subject to individual quotes and require a full detailed submission of the expedition itinerary before the risk is accepted. Please email your expedition itinerary including guiding arrangements, your experience, emergency provisions and expedition objectives to


EUROPEAN REGION – covers the UK, Europe including Scandinavia. Also, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco and countries bordering the Mediterranean including the Canaries and the Azores. 

WORLDWIDE excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean – covers all other countries in the world. 

WORLDWIDE including USA, Canada and Caribbean - all countries in the world including the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean. 



If you are not satisfied with this policy and have not taken a trip protected by the cover provided and have not made a claim against the policy and there has been no incident likely to give rise to a claim (such as the cancellation of a booked trip), you can cancel this policy within 14 days from the date you receive the policy wording and policy schedule. We will then refund your premium in full.

We will not refund your premium after the 14 day period. If you have a single trip policy, we will only refund your premium if the period from the date we issued the policy until your scheduled return date home is greater than 28 days. For both single trip and annual multi trip no refund of premium will be available after the 14 days. If you want to cancel your policy please contact Snowcard Insurance.

We or anyone we authorise have the right to cancel this policy at any time by sending you fourteen days’ notice in writing where there is a valid reason for doing so. We will send the notice to the last known address we have for you and we will set out the reason for cancellation in our letter. Valid reasons may include but are not limited to: 

  • Changes to the information given at the point of purchase which may result in the risk no longer being acceptable to us. 
  • Where we suspect fraud on this or any other related policy. 
  • Where a misrepresentation has been made that means we no longer wish to provide cover. 

As long as you have not made a claim, we will refund you for the time that was left on your policy. If any claim has been made during the period of cover provided, you must pay the full premium and you will not be entitled to any refund. 


We will take off an excess (as stated on the insurance schedule) from each claim you make, per insured person, under certain sections
of this insurance policy, unless you have paid the additional premium to remove the policy excess. The amount you will have to pay towards a claim is shown under each section. Please note that if you pay an additional premium to reduce or remove the excess, this does not apply to the Personal Liability section, where the excess shown will continue
to apply. 

If we agree to a claim for medical expenses which has been reduced by you using a reciprocal health agreement or private health insurance you will not have to pay the excess amount under the Medical Expenses Section. Where it is necessary for you to provide evidence of the medical costs incurred, this must show that the medical fee has been reduced by use of a reciprocal health agreement or private health insurance. 

Australia and Non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries:
When you are travelling to Australia and you have to go to hospital, you must enrol for treatment under the National Medicare Scheme. 

The United Kingdom also has reciprocal healthcare agreements with other non-EEA countries and territories. Details can be found at NHSEngland/ 


To help us deal with your claim quickly and efficiently, please read the claims procedure on page 16 of the general conditions. This explains what documents you will need to support your claim. You must collect some of the proof you need, for example a police report, while you are away from home. The general conditions on page 16 explain when you will need this kind of proof. 


In a medical emergency, contact the emergency assistance service for help. Please read the back of this policy for details and refer to your assistance eSnowcard, which shows the 24 hour emergency help telephone number to call from abroad.