Excluded activities

There are some activity holidays we are unable to provide cover for:

These include:-

  • Horse racing, polo and hunting.
  • All aerial sports including paragliding, hang gliding, flying microlight aircraft, piloting any aircraft and hot air balloons.
  • Off road motor cycle sport.
  • Motor sport, motorised racing or time trials.
  • Any professional competition or competing in major international events as a UK representative.
  • Self organised mountaineering or ski touring expeditions which we have not agreed in advance to cover.
  • Long stay ski instructor training courses over 31 days in duration.
  • Exploratory expeditions that we have not agreed in advance to cover.
  • Military exercises.
  • Professional film making and/or social media content filming and/or journalism.
  • Professional indemnity insurance or public liability insurance for running a business.
  • Employers liability insurance.
  • Public liability or third party liability for operating motorised vehicles.
  • Any travel to the Polar regions for specialist expeditions.
  • Any travel to the Antarctica. 
  • Transatlantic yachting expeditions or ocean crossings and global circumnavigation. 

If you are unsure if your activities are covered, please contact Snowcard for assistance.