Races and competitions

Snowcard will cover some competitive activity but not all.

Please refer to activies covered for full details of the sports we will cover for amateur compeitions or races.

  • Snowcard do not currently offer cover for ski race training and competitions for any formal teams, squads or national bodies or professional level events.

  • Snowcard will cover organised amateur ski races forming part of a recreational winter sports holiday under the Pro Adventure level of cover.

  • Winter sports package holidays with ski school lessons where there is an end of week ski race are covered under the activity level (Adventure Plus and above) taken for the holiday.

  • For timed amateur All Mountain, Downhill, Enduro, Freeride, Dirt Jumping or Cyclo Cross mountain bike events use the Pro Adventure level of cover.

  • For amateur cross country and trail riding mountain bike events use the Extreme Adventure level of cover.

  • Road cycle touring races are covered by the Adventure Plus level of cover. Long distance road cycle touring endurance events are covered by the Max Adventure level of cover.

  • Please refer to the activities covered link for the appropriate level of cover for running races, triathlon or ironman events.

  • Snowcard do not offer any cover for motorised competitive events, races or rallies.

  • Snowcard do not offer any cover for equine events including hunting, polo or show jumping.