geographical limits

EUROPEAN REGION – covers the UK, Europe including Scandinavia. Also, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco and countries bordering the Mediterranean including the Canaries and the Azores.

WORLDWIDE including USA/Canada and the Caribbean - all countries in the world including the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean.

WORLDWIDE excluding USA/Canada and the Caribbean – covers all other countries in the world.


  • Greenland (although politically aligned with Denmark) and Svalbard (Norway) are worldwide excluding USA/Canada and the Caribbean destinations.
  • Iceland is a European destination.
  • Jordan is a worldwide excluding USA/Canada and the Caribbean destination.
  • All Russian states including those in and around the Urals are worldwide excluding USA/Canada and the Caribbean destinations (effective for policies sold from 31/12/2019).
  • You should also note that we exclude cover where travel is to a country or region that the FCDO advise against all or all but essential travel to.
  • We do not offer expedition cover to either the North or South Poles.
  • All other expeditions to remote regions are subject to individual quotes and require a full detailed submission of the expedition itinerary before the risk is accepted. Please email your expedition itinerary including guiding arrangements, your experience, emergency provisions and expedition objectives to