Know before you go and EHIC cards

FCDO travel advice

In association with the ‘Know Before You Go’ Campaign, we are working with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to do all that we can to help British travellers stay safe overseas. Check out the FCDO website for essential travel advice and tips, and up-to-date country information.

  • Request advice from your travel agent on passport, visa and health issues for your destination
  • If you are travelling to enjoy an activity holiday, seek out local advice on weather, safety, emergency services and local restrictions.
  • Read your insurance policy and understand what will be required in the event of a claim under each policy section.
  • Leave travel details with someone at home, and leave copies of travel documents in case of emergency.
  • If you are on medication, consult your GP prior to travel and take his/her advice. You may need to refer known medical conditions to your insurer – read the policy health declaration.


European Health Insurance Card – EHIC (post Brexit)

Following Brexit at the end of 2020 reciprocal health agreements will be changing. Please refer to government advice post Brexit.


IMPORTANT: Do not assume you only need to insure the period you will be taking part in an activity. Accidents can happen at all times and you MUST insure the full duration of your trip. Your travel insurance is rated to take into account an outward and return journey and the premium reflects this. If you do not insure your full journey, you will not be paying sufficient premium and you may not be covered.

If you have annual or other insurance with different insurers, you must still insure the full duration of your trip including travel and not just the time you are being active. Do not try and link different policies together, it can create problems in the event of a claim.