Activities that are not covered by Snowcard
There are some activity holidays we are unable to provide cover for. These include:- Horse racing, polo and hunting. All aerial sports including paragliding, hang gliding, flying microlight aircraft, piloting any aircraft and hot air balloons. Un-guided or self organised off road motor cycle sport. Motor sport, motorised racing or time trials. Any professional competition or competing in major international events as a UK representative. Self organised mountaineering expeditions which we have not agreed in advance to cover. Exploratory expeditions that we have not agreed in advance to cover. Military exercises. Professional indemnity insurance or public liability insurance for running a business. Employers liability insurance. Public liability or third party liability for operating motorised vehicles. Any travel to the Polar regions for specialist expeditions. Any travel to the Antarctica. Transatlantic yachting expeditions or ocean crossings and global circumnavigation.


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