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For annual multi-trip insurance, cancellation cover (if shown on your insurance schedule) starts when you book each trip or on the start date shown on your Insurance Schedule, if this is later. Cover under all other sections of the policy begins when you leave home to go on your trip and ends when you return home from that trip.  The start and finish dates of the trip must fall within the 12 month period of insurance. For trips booked during the 12 month period and that start after the end of the 12 month period, we will provide cancellation cover until the policy ends. Please note that annual multi-trip policies can not be purchased more than 2 months in advance of the policy start date.

For single trip policies, the insurance for personal belongings and equipment, techno pack, trip cancellation , travel delay, missed departure and travel disruption (if shown on your insurance schedule) is only valid if you have insured the whole duration of each individual trip, as shown on your policy schedule. If you are insuring a shorter period than your full trip duration (top up cover), only the medical and accident expenses section will apply. We will not be liable for expenses incurred for any accident, injury or illness that did not occur within the dates specified on the schedule of insurance. We will not be liable for any expenses incurred after the expiry date shown on the schedule of insurance.

Important: read this link if you are opting for top up only cover

Important infomation about your age

The age band selected must be that of the person who is the lead insured name or the oldest person in the family or group. If a group member is older than 56+, it will be cheaper for the group if the older traveller is insured seperately. For persons aged over 75 contact https://www.biba.org.uk for advice.

Please note a family is 2 adults and upto 4 children up to the age of 18 – a couple is 2 persons married or living together as married – a group is 2 or more persons travelling together on the same holiday. For single parent families, use either the couple or group options.

- insurance policies available from this website can only be used by uk & channel islands residents
£10m emergency medical and rescue insurance:
(inclusive of insurance premium tax)
(baggage, equipment, techno pack & excess...)