For help with new claims on policies purchased after 6 November 2020 please refer to the policy claims procedure - claims

For help with claims on Ageas policies purchased before 6 November 2020

Only Ageas policies sold on or before 13th March 2020 with Travel Disruption Cancellation cover will respond to claims relating to cancelled holidays as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. To check whether you have Cancellation cover, refer to the Policy Schedule sent with your original policy email confirmation. Travel Disruption cover is only available if you do not benefit from the protection offered by a package holiday. There is no cover if your holiday was a package holiday, you will qualify for a full refund from your tour operator or airline if your trip is cancelled by the service provider.


To make a claim, please call the claims department at Ageas Insurance:

To obtain a claim form or to discuss your claim, call 0345 122 3280

note: claims are handled directly by the Ageas claims department and not by Snowcard - Snowcard do not issue claims forms, contact the number above to have the form sent.


The bulk of claims relating to the immediate fallout from the FCDO advising against travel in March 2020 have been finalised. If your claim is currently outstanding, please call the Ageas claims department on 0345 122 3280

If you are having problems obtaining a refund from your tour operator or airline, you must make a complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) via this link

Open letter from the CMA to Tour Operators who are resisting or delaying refunding your money - read here

We are advised that there is a significant amount of confusion about what will be covered by insurance and what you are entitled to from statutory compensation via the Package Travel Regulations or through ATOL or ABTA in the case of tour operator failure.


  • If because of a change in FCDO advice a tour operator, airline or travel agent is unable to supply the service you have paid for, they must refund your money under the statutory regulations in place.
  • Insurers will not cover these costs on behalf of the service providers and whilst it might be difficult obtaining refunds, the insurers will not pay amounts covered by the Package Travel Regulations.
  • If you have paid by credit card, you will have additional protection (* see below) and will be able to reclaim money paid via credit card for any services that have not been supplied.
  • Only non-refundable amounts should be submitted as a claim. If a tour operator refuses to give you your money back, it does not mean that it is non-refundable - if your holiday falls under the protection of the Package Travel Regulations it is by definition 'refundable' if the tour operator has to cancel your holiday because of Covid-19.
  • Travel Disruption Cancellation cover only applies to holidays that are not package holidays. If you do not benefit from the protection offered by a package holiday you should submit your claim by calling the claims number 0345 122 3280.
  • If your holiday was a package holiday, you will qualify for a full refund from your tour operator or airline if your trip is cancelled by them and you should contact your travel agent for advice regarding refunds.
  • You do not have to accept vouchers from airlines/tour operators and you can insist on a cash refund.  
  • Annual policies cannot be suspended because of the coronavirus travel restrictions. 
  • Tour Operators have a legal responsibility to refund monies covered by the Package Travel Regulations within 14 days.

* If you purchased any part of your trip using a credit card then your transaction was deemed to have been “financed” by your card issuer. In these circumstances you should make contact with your credit card provider to instigate a claim under the Consumer Credit Act ; Section 75. Under this Act you can claim against your card provider for the full cost of the purchase (not just the amount on the card) where the deposit was paid on your card and any further payments were made by another means. Where only further payments were made using your credit card and the deposit by another means, your credit card issuer will only be liable for the amount paid on your card.


Any non-refundable amounts that are not part of a package holiday will be considered for claims under the Travel Disruption section of cover. We do ask that you direct refund requests to your service providers before contacting the claims department who will only deal with claims for non-refundable expenses not dealt with by the Package Travel Regulations.


Financial Conduct Authority advice on obtaining refunds - click here


Further updates will be posted in due course. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Any queries connected with a claim should be directed to Ageas Claims and not to Snowcard (we are not provided with any details of individual claims and cannot provide updates).


Coronavirus policy information




Can I Claim For Cancellation Because Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

You should re-claim lost expenses for travel and accomodation directly from airlines and tour operators if you can not go on your holiday because the FCDO advise against travel. If you are ill with Covid-19 and have to cancel your holiday, you should refer to your policy and speak with your insurer to see if the policy you have covers cancellation. 

My travel insurance will not cover my cancelled flights, why is this?

Under EU law, if an airline cancels a flight, it has a statutory liability to refund your money in cash. Whilst some airlines are delaying refunds or offering vouchers, you can insist on a cash refund. Your insurer will not cover these costs on behalf of airlines who can not avoid their liability to provide refunds for cancelled services. If you can not obtain a refund, you must make a complaint to the CMA