Please refer to the policy claims procedure before calling the claims department - please read the information below for guidance

January 2022 Update

The Coronavirus Omicron variant will substantially affect travel plans for the winter season and we would request that you bear in mind this will put the claims team under additional stress and service levels may be affected at busy times.

If you test positive within 14 days of your planned travel and you have cancellation cover on your policy, in the first instance you should contact your travel service provider to see what their coronavirus policy is and whether you are eligible for a refund or rebooking of your holiday. You will be asked to provide evidence of any non-refundable expenses and these will be required to make a claim so please have these ready before contacting the claims team.

If you have recently tested positive for Covid19 (within 90 days of your planned return home from holiday) and you are planning on travelling, you might be concerned about returning a 'false positive' lateral flow or PCR test either pre departure or for your return tests. If you are concerned about this you should contact the Track and Trace Service or call 111 for advice on how to obtain confirmation of your Covid19 vaccination status having recently tested positive.

If you contract Covid19 on holiday, please speak with your tour operator to see what assistance they are providing in resort. Once you have established what the situation is, if emergency assistance is required please call the emergency number on your eSnowcard +44 (0)1273 071784


Please find below advice to assist you with your claim should you test positive for Covid19 on holiday. 

What to do if you test positive before your flight home? 

  1. You will need evidence of your positive COVID-19 test result. Without this you will not be able to put in a claim.  

  2. Speak to your accommodation provider (or holiday company) and/or airline before you contact your insurance provider. They will be able to assist you in changing your flights and with finding accommodation.  

  3. If you have to pay for additional accommodation, make a note of the excess on your policy – if your costs exceed this then please put in a claim for expenses on your return home (see below). It is likely government accommodation will be provided but if it isn’t, obtain documented proof from the relevant local authority (wherever possible). Please note that cover is only available for room only costs and only reasonable costs will be considered up to the standard of your original holiday accommodation. 

  4. Where the government provides accommodation for isolation this must be taken and no cover will be provided for alternative paid for accommodation. 

  5. If you have to pay for additional travel and accommodation costs, you will need to provide documentation to show the costs you wish to reclaim. Please see below for details of how to register a claim. 


How to make a claim on your return? 


Coronavirus policy information




Can I Claim For Cancellation Because Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

You should re-claim lost expenses for travel and accomodation directly from airlines and tour operators if you can not go on your holiday because the FCDO advise against travel. If you are ill with Covid-19 and have to cancel your holiday, you should refer to your policy and speak with your insurer to see if the policy you have covers cancellation. 

My travel insurance will not cover my cancelled flights, why is this?

Under EU law, if an airline cancels a flight, it has a statutory liability to refund your money in cash. Whilst some airlines are delaying refunds or offering vouchers, you can insist on a cash refund. Your insurer will not cover these costs on behalf of airlines who can not avoid their liability to provide refunds for cancelled services. If you can not obtain a refund, you must make a complaint to the CMA

I have tested positive with Covid19 within 14 days of my planned travel date, what should I do?

If you return a positive Covid19 lateral flow or PCR test within 14 days of your travel date, in the first instance you should contct your tour operator or airline to see what their refund or rebooking policy is. If you have to cancel your holiday and have non-refundable expenses, call the claims team at your insurer for advice on making a claim. You will need to obtain an NHS PCR test to confirm a positive lateral flow result.

The country I am visiting has closed its borders to UK travellers, is this covered by insurance?

Changes to government regulations or travel restictions relating to Covid19 are not covered by travel insurance - if you are unable to travel because you will not be allowed entry into your destination country because of Covid19, you should speak with your tour operator or airline about their refund policy if they are unable to provide the services you have paid for.

I have tested positive for Covid19 on holiday and can not return on my planned date, what should I do?

If you test positive for Covid19 on holiday or with your pre-return flight test, in the first instance you should speak with your tour operator about what assistance they are providing or what is being provided in the country you are visiting by state health care. Your insurance will cover necessary room only expenses and you should call your insurers emergency assistance number for help and advice.

Is anyone covered to stay with me if I have to stay in quarantine?

There is no cover for anyone who has not tested positive for Covid (e.g. partner of positive customer), unless the accompanying person is a parent or carer (of a vulnerable adult) of the patient or the patient is hospitalised. If the companion later tests positive and they are named on the policy, then they would be covered if they couldn’t come home on the originally planned departure date. They must have evidence of this. 

Am I covered for isolation if I have not tested positive?

Anyone isolating but who has not tested positive will be responsible for their own costs, or your tour operator representative should assist. This is not covered under your insurance. 

Am I covered for the cost of having to buy a COVID-19 test while overseas?

There is no cover for the cost of COVID-19 tests required while you are overseas or for re-entry to the UK. 

What should I do if I require medical attention or have to be hospitalized?

If you have to be hospitalized or require other medical attention please call the emergency assistance department on +44 (0) 2380 177474. Please note this number should only be used for medical emergency situations.