Help with claims

Only policies sold on or before 13th March 2020 with Travel Disruption Cancellation cover will respond to claims relating to cancelled holidays as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. To check whether you have Cancellation cover, refer to the Policy Schedule sent with your original policy email confirmation.


To make a claim, please call the claims department at Ageas Insurance:

To obtain a claim form or to discuss your claim, call 0345 122 3280

note: claims are handled directly by the Ageas claims department and not by Snowcard - Snowcard do not issue claims forms, contact the number above to have the apporpriate form sent or email

The situation following the announcement last week that the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak is declared a pandemic has resulted in unprescedented volumes of calls and claims for assistance. Normal response times have been severley affected.

In the first instance you must contact all of your service providers including travel agents, tour operators, airlines, other transport carriers, hotels, car hire etc and request cancellation refunds. Any insurance in place will only cover non-refundable amounts and you will need to provide evidence that any expenses being claimed for are non-refundable.

Your claim will be handled as quickly as possible but please be patient, it will take longer than normal to provide a response and agree settlement.

Snowcard are not authorised to agree or provide advivce on individual claims, please refer to the Ageas Claims Department for assistance.

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Can I Claim For Cancellation Because Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Travel Interuption cancellation insurance will cover non-refundable expenses if the FCO advise against travel. You should attempt to re-claim lost expenses directly from airlines and tour operators before contacting your insurer. Only policies sold on or before 13th March 2020 will provide cover. All of the UK's main insurers ceased issuing new policies covering the pandemic following the WHO declaration on 9th March 2020.